The Final Week


I’m in the final week of my placement here in Palestine. As my time draws to an end I’m conscious of how much I still want to see, hear, and experience. I’m conscious of how much I’m going to miss the beautiful, generous, resilient people of this land. I’m conscious that I may never see them again, which fills me with deep sadness.

As these closing days will be filled with farewells and preparing up-to-date information for the new team, I won’t have any time to write more blogs.

There is still so much I desperately want to share so stay tuned to read more blog posts once I return to OZ.


Throwing my arms up!

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

How would you feel if you’d got up at the crack of dawn and had been waiting outside the entrance to your employment in the cold and dark only to be told, “we’re not letting you go to work today because your clothes are too clean”. Sounds absurd doesn’t it! But this was actually told to one Palestinian farmer by a soldier at an agricultural gate I had observed.

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On a road to nowhere!

“Every violation that occurs is directly related to Settlers” is a comment I heard recently about the situation here in the West Bank. Upon reflection, I must admit, it has a ring of truth to it. Settler security and Settlement expansion in the West Bank appears to be of paramount importance to the Israeli authority, given the amount of expense, personnel and infrastructure devoted to it.

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On a road to nowhere!

When nothing makes sense!


From the title, you might be mistaken in thinking I’m referring to my experience of discovering a new culture for the first time…difficulty in finding my way around, the language and unfamiliar customs. True, I did encounter such things, but the overwhelming hospitality and welcoming spirit of Palestinians meant any culture shock was tempered, and became a joyful experience.

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When nothing makes sense